provider evaluation method

In this section we present the market for IT services in Belgium. Who are the top Service Providers for Applications and Infrastructure services? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What is the market’s level of satisfaction with their services?

We interviewed 70 top Belgian companies and government organizations and assessed 165 contracts. We have been speaking to CIOs, Application Leads, Infrastructure Leads or Vendor Management.  This was done through a 1 hour discussion over a video call. In parallel, we interviewed the service provider leadership to understand their capabilities, differentiators and focus areas when it comes to Belgium.


We map the service providers on two ‘Squares’:

  • Applications and Digital Services Square

  • Infrastructure and Cloud Services Square

In order to be represented in a Square, a service provider needs a minimum of 5 contracts for that Square. 


Each provider is measured on two axes: client satisfaction and scale / capability.


Client Satisfaction, represented on the X-Axis is measured on a scale of 1-5, where:

    1 – Extremely dissatisfied

    2 – Dissatisfied

    3 – Satisfied

    4 – Very satisfied

    5 – Exceptional / exceeds expectations


Scale and Capability, represented on the Y-Axis, is S-Square’s assessment of the service provider based on client feedback and service provider interviews. We look at the following aspects:

  • Local delivery capabilities and scale of business

  • Global delivery capabilities and scale of business

  • Maturity and completeness of the service offerings

  • Presence across different industries or sectors